My life has been marred by tragedy, pain and suffering  I have begun the journey of putting my life to words. My hope is that through my life you can gain strength, hope and inspiration. If all I went through helps someone else to get through their struggles then it has all been worthwhile. I have put my life story into a book entitled Finding My Way. I am now nearing the end and should be available soon. I will be posting the first two chapters as an introduction to the book. Throughout my life God has helped me through. For most of my life I never read the Bible. I found it too hard to read and could not connect. So a second portion of this site will be to rewrite the Bible but in plain English. I know many who have said They struggle with reading it as it does not make sense. So my goal is to post it here and in terms that everyone can understand. Thank you in advance for walking along in this journey with me. For every reader of my book I see them as a person standing behind me against the evils of this world. Each reader is another person standing up to defend that small child that defied the odds.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if you’ve tried reading the “Good News” Bible? It’s not a study Bible, but it gives you a good overview. When I first became a believer, I read the Book of John and then the entire Good News Bible. If you haven’t read that version, I think you will like it. it’s easy to understand compared to other versions. Blessings!

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